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Magna-Matic MAG 1000 Blade Balancer

SKU: MAG-1000
Weight: 3 lbs
Magna-Matic MAG 1000 Blade Balancer
List Price: $214.80
Price: $179.00
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Magna-Matic MAG 1000 Blade Balancer
Magna-Matic MAG 1000 Blade Balancer

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The MAG-1000 is the industry standard for the balancing of rotary blades.  It has been trusted for over 50 years to provide "least cost / highest accuracy" balance readings.
Precision Bearings
Personally hand-sifted instrument bearings, each checked for applicable frictional resistance.
Hard Chrome Plating
In-house hard chrome plating of the cone all exterior parts of the balancer to provide long-impact-life of the cone.
 Aluminum Casting
Cast and machined to perfection providing an accurate solid bracket for this instrument.


Understanding Balance.


The MAG-1000 is best suited for Servicing Dealers, Landscapers, and large Lawn Care Professionals. Anyone who has a rotational object to balance which has a concentric center hole can use the MAG-1000 to balance it. The object must be made of steel so that the magnet can hold the object.

In the 1950's after the introductions of the rotary lawn mower to the home owner, most engine makers experienced heavy warranty work. This was because the engines did not last through the warranty period. It was quickly determined that the unbalanced blade was the cause. Balancing became a necessary part of servicing the blade. At that time most of the blades acted as the flywheel of the engine, this is still true for most walk-behind mowers today. The commercial mowers with multiple blade decks new rely on the bearing blocks.

Consider that a tire on an automobile rotates at about 1000 RPM at 60 m.p.h., there is no question that your tires need to be balanced. Now consider a blade that rotates at 3000 RPM. You can now understand that seriously important to balance the blades on your mower. 

The vibration caused by an out-of-balance part in rotation at that speed will greatly damage the bearing blocks or crank shaft of a lawn mower. Vibration also robs the mower of horse power; which will in turn reduce forward cutting speed and other aspects of the mower's performance.

In 1958 MAGNA-MATIC Corp. introduced the first and original Magna-Matic Blade Balancer. It quickly became the standard of our industry. High Quality, High Performance Balancing made simple and accurate.
  • Balance rotational objects with a concentric center hole of 5/16" to 1-1/2" diameter (lawn mower blades, circular saw blades, impellers, propellers, engine flywheels.
  • Check the straightness with guage rod
  • Wall mountable
  • Steel Encased & Polarized Permanent Magnet
  • Free Rotating on Dual Precision Bearings
  • Cast Aluminum Wall Mounting Base - High Gloss Finish
  • Permanently Lubricated
  • Ability to be used with the MAG-10300 Service Center Stand.
  • Ability to be used with the MAG-103 Balancer Stand



Why is the Magna-Matic MAG-1000 required for blade service?

The MAG-1000 is the ORIGINAL lawn mower blade balancer since 1958. Magna-Matic has manufactured this balancer for over 52 years and has continually improved the balancer for the customer.

Balance any rotational object with a concentric center hole with a diameter of 5/16" to 1-1/2". The MAG-1000 also has a guage rod to check the straightness/flatness. The MAG-1000 can also be used for balancing circular saw blades, props, engine flywheels, and much more

The MAG-1000 has a hard chrome plated cone for lasting quality, and to quickly locate the concentric center point of the lawn mower blade. Its ultra-accurate slide allows for an accurate magnetic chuck able to solidly hold the part being balanced. 

MAGNA-MATIC balancers have permanent magnets with a magnetic pull in excess of 150 lbs. This ensures that the lawn mower blade you are balancing on a MAGNA-MATIC balancer will not fall off, and create an accident.

The MAG-1000 Lawn Mower Blade Balancer is made of the highest quality materials and machining standards to provide you with a long lasting tool of instrument quality. 


Using a nail-in-the-wall method to try and balance a lawn mower blade is always a waste of time because the balance reading is not consistent.
The nail-in-the-wall measure of balance is so inaccurate that it simply has no value in reducing blade vibration.
Consistent accurate balance measure can only be obtained at the "center-of-rotation” i.e. in the center of the lawn mower blade’s mounting hole.


Using the plastic table-top-stepped-cone is an attempt to improve the balance reading consistency over the nail-in-the-wall method.
The table-top-stepped-cone is also inaccurate because the steps never locate the center of the hole.
Consistent accurate balance measure can only be obtained at the "center-of-rotation” i.e. in the center of the lawn mower blade’s mounting hole.


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